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Dirk Anschutz

Dirk Anschütz is a New York based portrait photographer.  He was born and lived in Germany until he moved to the US when he was 22.  He has traveled extensively for his work.

His work has been published in magazines such as Time, Fortune, Money, ESPN, Stern, and Der Spiegel, and his commercial clients include Mini Cooper, BMW, Adidas, Merck and Bravo.  

His series Fathers & Sons explores this influential relationship through portraits from different ethnic, cultural, educational and socio-economic backgrounds across the US.  The fathers and sons in these images display the camaraderie, tensions, annoyances, competitiveness, pride, and love at the root of their relationships.

His work was shown in solo and group shows across the US and he has received numerous awards.

He lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn with his girlfriend and their son.

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Stefan Falke

Over the last ten years I traveled to most major and some smaller cities on both sides of the 2000 miles long U.S. - Mexico border and photographed about 200 painters, photographers, musicians, writers, dancers, architects and art promoters in order to shine a spotlight on the vibrant cultural activities and cross-border opportunities that exist despite the tremendous challenges in this bi-national region.

The region has particular significance to me since I was born and grew up in Germany where a border divided my country in East and West until it came down in 1989. Meanwhile the steel ‘wall’ between the US and Mexico is growing in length and height and does its part to create a physiological and physical barrier between the United States and Mexico.

In the last year I have been focussing on artists who work specifically with border and migration related issues and/or are migrants themselves, like Artists Fronterizas, the three opera singing women who perform on both sides to promote cross border culture (their story here ), or photographer Tom Kiefer (last photo) who collects and photographs migrants possessions taken from them and thrown away by the border patrol (his story here ), or Haitian painter Nixon Tervine, whose journey through all of South America ended in Mexicali, Mexico, and who sells his art to motorists crossing the border north (his story here ), or artist Alvaro Enciso who puts up crosses in the Sonoran Desert to remember migrants who did not survive the long journey north (his story here ).

I am trying to show that most people on both sides of the US – Mexico border are very passionate about their bi-national region and the unique opportunities and cross-border collaborations and friendships that come with it. I chose artists for my project because they always seem to have a finger on the pulse of their communities, and reflect their status in real time; I believe they deserve our attention. I hope my project is adding a positive and humanitarian aspect to the usual negative storylines about the border region and the people who live and work there.

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Claudia Paul

Claudia Paul is a German-born photographer based in New York City, shooting commercial and editorial content for over 10 years. Her photographic approach is always about connecting deeply with her subjects and capturing an authentic image.
Knowing the power of strong visuals, Claudia is very passionate about working with Non-Profits to help create positive change in the world. This type of social documentary photography has taken her to Tanzania, India and around the US - using photography and video to help organizations tell their story and raise awareness.