William Douglas King

A former New York City public school teacher with certification in special education, William Douglas King, is an award-winning exhibiting photographer and photo-illustrator with significant expertise in studio lighting, commercial photography and compositing. His recent works include Capture Your Freedom a submission to the Four Freedoms Park Conservancy.

William’s most recent awards include the American Society of Media Photographers, Rangefinder magazine, and the 12th International Color Awards. King studied commercial photography at Art Center College of Design and in 2006, he received a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communications from Marymount Manhattan College. In 2008, William achieved a Master of Science in Education from Brooklyn College and in 2015 he received a Master in Photographic Studies in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.


An introduction to photo illustration and composited imagery relating to early commercial creative photography. Presentation transitions to current in-studio illustrative portraiture focusing on presentation of subject, lighting and compositing. Lastly, Channeling Magritte - a series of self-portraits that present a protagonist, a mysterious character in various NewYork City backdrops - focusing on lighting, photographic, and compositing techniques.

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Tatiana Ilina

I am a documentary photographer, photojournalist and filmmaker. I have worked in this field for more than 12 years. I have traveled around the world, working in different countries, creating social documentaries and art projects allowing me to look at things from the other side.

People have always interested mostly, helping me to explore extraordinary life stories about exceptional abilities. After getting a higher journalist education, I graduated from Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Media Arts. Subsequently, I completed my degree at ESEC Professional School in the field of film and audiovisual techniques.

I am interested in social activities, which enable me to develop and transform the emotional sense of my vision into reality. I have been working continuously, creating a large number of projects to help different social and public organizations.

I have discovered important things which I would not have expected to be true. These things exist inside and outside of me until I can visualize them.

I want to believe that my life will be filled with different faces, emotions and characters which I am eager to share with audience through my work.


Donnelly Marks

Donnelly Marks is a New York City based photographer, whose striking environmental portraits of corporate leaders, cultural icons and New York City notables have been published as magazine covers, for book covers, in feature articles and museum publications.

Donnelly is presenting a new body of fine art work: Images melding photography, assemblage and sculpture, transforming the captured image through the magic of Photoshop into works of color, energy and unexpected vision. Donnelly holds a BFA in both photography and sculpture from Carnegie Mellon.


Zay Yar Lin

An internationally published and award winning photographer from Myanmar. I've been into photography since 2014. I've always tried to be creative and shown interesting, beautiful and wonderful things in my photos. Since 2014, I fell in love with photography and started traveling and shooting as much as I can. I’m a seafarer working as a Captain of the ship and I tried my best in the photography during my vacation time.  In other words, I’m trying to become a full-time professional photographer. As a self-taught I achieve all my photography knowledge and inspiration through social media and online photography communities. In 2014, I had won first international photography award which became a very good motivation to move further in photography field.

Basically, Lighting, Composition and Color makes a photograph stands out. Apart from them, capturing moments and storytelling makes a photograph more meaningful and powerful. My favorite styles of photography are culture, portraits and landscape which tell stories of the people and sense of the place.

I’ve run photography workshops in Myanmar. I have showcased my works at many exhibitions and been published all around the world. I’ve won numerous international and local photography awards. I’m two times Best Photographer of the Year in Myanmar Photographic Society. In 2016, my photo was published in National Geographic printed Magazine which was published in July. I'm a contributor in National Geographic Your Shot Community. I was a Grand Prize winner of American Photography Open 2018.

My images will take you places you’ve never been, feel the scenery you’ve never seen and meet the people you’ve never known.

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Eric Garcia-March

NYC based professional photographer shooting worldwide, specializing in striking imagery and conceptual narratives that push the limits. Eric’s images are deep, contrasting and carry a high production value. His international client base includes advertising agencies, fashion houses, editorial publications, luxury brands, and entertainment industry contacts.

Eric Garcia-March’s formal training began in 1995, when he started working with medium and large format film cameras at Brooks Institute of Photography in California. His interest in painting resulted in a BFA in Painting and a Masters degree in Studio Art.

Eric moved to Spain in 1999, and in 2006, he started teaching Advertising Photography, Portrait Photography and Fashion Photography at a University near Barcelona. His work has been published internationally in fashion and lifestyle magazines, books, and major ad campaigns.

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Anya Anti

An internationally published and award winning photo artist from Ukraine now based in New York, USA. I've been into photography since 2009. I've always been a creative person – as a child I was good at painting and crafts. As my passion for art grew I fell in love with photography and started shooting the world around me. As a self-taught I gained all my knowledge and inspiration through social media and online photography communities. A year-and-a-half later, I started creating fine art surrealistic female portraits, which became my preferable genre and a hallmark of my work.

Installations, costumes and Photoshop manipulation help me to embody my fantasies into a finished piece of art. I shoot mostly with old vintage manual lenses like Helios and Petzval. Their imperfections help me be more creative and achieve that dreamy effect.

As a workshop instructor, I have already taught in different countries. I have showcased my work at exhibitions and been published all around the globe. In 2015 I was a lucky winner of Broncolor GenNEXT sponsorship.

I'm a dreamer. Photography is not only what I love and what I do, it’s also a gentle and romantic side of me. It's a reflection of my deep emotions, passion for unknown and craving for beauty. What I’m trying to show is a beautiful image, but also tell a story, convey an idea and play with associations.

My images are fairytale-like, mystic, feminine, fragile and thoughtful. And if you listen carefully my silent pictures will tell a story.

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Beowolf Sheehan

Beowulf Sheehan studied photography at New York University and the International Center of Photography.  His childhood love of stories in books and music grew into an adulthood love of storytellers in the arts, entertainment, and humanities.  Beowulf makes portraits, communicates ideas, and shares the stories of compelling artists and figures who impact society and culture.


Jason Gardner

Jason Gardner presents his photographic series “Portraits of Carnaval,” showing the range of artistry of those participating in the festival in Brazil, Louisiana, France, Sardinia, Guinea-Bissau, and Trinidad. Having published the photography book A Flower in the Mouth showing the culture, music and rituals of the authentic, folkloric Carnaval festival in Pernambuco, Brazil, the next book will be about the Carnavals of the world.

In his work, he seeks the ineffable moment when people transform, when they transcend normal lives to connect with what they view as sacred, and embody their culture, heritage, and identity. Democratic and folkloric, it reveals a complexity and diversity of religion and ritual. He looks for the common thread binding those who uphold the tradition as they prepare costumes, rehearse dance and music, and observe their private rituals. For those who practice it year after year, Carnaval is more than a huge party: it is a proud way of life.


Steve Simon

Steve Simon is an award-winning documentary photographer and author of five critically acclaimed photography books including The Passionate Photographer, which was chosen as one of Amazon’s "Top Ten Art and Photography Books."

He has photographed on assignment in more than 40 countries and his work has been published in the New York Times Magazine, Mother Jones, Colors, Life, Time, Le Monde, Harpers, Macleans, Walrus and many others.

Steve is best known for his work focusing on the human condition, capturing life as he encounters it. He shines a light on important subjects and issues using the power of photography in the hope of facilitating positive change. His documentary work has been featured in solo shows across the globe. Visa Pour L’Image in Perpignan, France has showcased Steve’s work three times. His post 9/11 work Empty Sky has been published by Life Books and a complete set of prints from that project was acquired by the 9/11 Memorial Museum for their permanent collection.

Corporate clients include Nikon, SanDisk, McDonalds, Sony Music & Apple. Among his honors: Art Director’s Club NY, Canadian News Photographer of The Year, Global Health Council, NPPA , American Photo, PX3 & the Moscow Photo Awards.  Steve is passionate teacher as well,  participating as a guest lecturer and workshop leader at various photography events worldwide. 

He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Tanja and three-year-old son Sawyer. He is available for assignments worldwide.

“Photography has been my passport to extraordinary people and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. All I ever wanted to do was take pictures. I’m living the dream.”

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Felicia Perretti

As a commercial photographer and director specializing in food and beverage Felicia and her team don’t just create unique imagery for your needs, but layout a innovative plan discussing the idea, brand, and audience you are reaching. Felicia works out of New York working nationally with various food clients.

She's always open to trying new food and beer recipes so if you have any suggestions please send them her way! Check out her new blog The Pictured Kitchen

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Bill Wadman

Bill Wadman is an American portrait photographer living in Brooklyn, New York. His images have been seen on the covers and pages of major publications throughout the world.  His conceptual portrait work has been shown in both solo and group exhibitions throughout the US and Canada.  Equally at home connecting with subjects behind the camera and perfecting their image in front of a computer - Bill's technical skills are more than matched by his natural eye for what makes a great photograph. Notoriously obsessive and rarely satisfied; Bill is interested in just about every subject, prefers to paint his own backgrounds, build his own Macs, and perhaps most ironically, does not like getting his picture taken as a general rule of thumb.

Bill is the co-host of the popular photography podcast On Taking Pictures 

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Erica Genece

The power of a woman is not measured by the impact of her hardships but by her refusal to allow others to dictate who she is and what she will become.

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Jeremy Lips

Jeremy’s foray into photography is a result of his lifelong interest in two things, stage lighting and advertising.  It was during college that a light bulb went on and Jeremy combined his two interests into one passion, photography.

Jeremy offers his clients a one-of-a-kind experience during the image making process. His understanding of the ins-and-outs of the design process help him visualize not just the resulting image, but how that image relates to and interacts with the final design concept.

He has often been described as a visual problem solver with a keen eye for color and composition who creates images that exceed expectations and deliver results.


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Erica Price

I'm currently based out of New York City. I'm a local photojournalist , covering news in Brooklyn, Manhattan and part of Long Island. I also do some commercial work. Currently shooting a mix of digital and film. The project dictates the medium. My Polaroid Land camera is a big part of my street kit. It offers a connection digital doesn't. I love to travel, to get immersed in local culture and connect with people.


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Lothar Troeller

Children of Fire: 

These Slides have been recovered from the ashes after a devastating house fire on Easter night 2016. They no longer give any information on what was originally captured, but the extreme heat together with water created new beauty.
"Creating art from loss, Lothar Troeller exemplifies a phoenix rising from the ashes."
--Brian Paul Clamp 

Faces  From San Carlos:  Testimonies from victims of the civil war in Colombia

Colombian Resilience - these photographs have been shown at the parliament house of Pereira where the politicians had to walk by them to their assembly hall, and could read, if they even bothered, the testimonies of these family members of victims of the decades long civil war in Colombia.

American Temples:

Between New York City and Lakewood on Route 9 South in New Jersey there are still old fashion diners and fast food temples. They represent both places of gathering and isolation. 
I photographed at night, when the black sky separates the lit or glowing objects from their surrounding environment. The patrons are mostly gone and the spaces remain similar to light sculptures. You might see some late food seekers, but the only movements you notice are the flags in the wind. 
For me these pictures stand for monuments of the American culture. 


John Neitzel

John Neitzel is a commercial photographer based in NYC specializing in shooting interiors. John is presenting a current project that that features hand-made wood-block printed wallpaper by Zuber, a french company estiblished in 1797. John has traveled around the country the past 6 months photographing high-end residences and facilities that have installed this very expensive wall decor. John will present images that will be selected by his publisher and author for a coffee table book to be released in 2019.


Olga Torrey

I was born in Russia, in the eastern region of The Ural Mountains, chilled by Siberian air. I came to New York City and immediately fell in love with it. I followed my heart for fine arts and became a “Life Member” of The Art Student League School. Later, I discovered scuba diving and bought my first underwater camera. I never stopped taking photos underwater. I believe that my images of marine life show the wonder of what lies below. I hope my images will inspire people to preserve this beautiful world for future generations. When I'm not diving I explore coexistence of urban wildlife and humans to my available proximity. The outdoors are my artistic studio where I passionately create my images. As a fine artist I have exhibited in NYC in different venues: art galleries, public libraries, banks and coffee shops. As an underwater photographer, I have written and published articles in different scuba magazines, including: InVetrum, X-Ray Magazine, Northeast Dive News, Dive UK and The Ultimate Depth. I give presentations on underwater photography and scuba diving in NYC and around world. I love making photographs and spending a good amount of time on personal projects and accepting assignments where I have the opportunity to travel. To see more of my work visit


Larry Cohen

As a young child I spent summer weekends at my grandparent’s house on the Delaware Bay in NJ. I would spend hours facedown in the shallow water wearing a mask, snorkel and fins observing the local marine life. I announced to my parents that I wanted to become a scuba diver and underwater photographer. This made my overprotective mother very nervous. She said to my father: ”SCUBA DIVING is dangerous! Please do something to get this crazy idea out of our son’s head." The next day my dad said: “If you want to take photos underwater you need to learn how to take photos above water.” Without hesitation I said: “When do we start?” Now I am a photojournalist that specializes in the underwater environment. My passion is to capture the essence of the exotic and commonplace locations I explore. My photos have been used in textbooks, field guides and publications including Sport Diver, Scuba Diving, Alert Diver, Diver, Immersed, Advanced Diver, Sub Aqua Journal, and Northeast Dive News. I give presentations and photo workshops around the world and I am a founding member of the NY Underwater Photographic Society. When not underwater I spend way too much time at a desk at B&H Photo answering chats and emails. I could be reached at B&H at To see more of my work take a look at My gear consist of Olympus OM-D EM1 cameras with both Olympus and Panasonic lenses. Underwater using ultra wide-angle or macro lenses are key to images quality. I use Aquatica housings, Fantasea Line LED lights and Sea & Sea strobes.


Christopher Ang

I am inspired by wildlife, nature as well as visiting different and exciting countries, cultures and experiences.  Capturing the majesty of wildlife, the beauty of nature, or aspects of humanity - peoples, places and cultures has been transformational.

I hope that by sharing the charm and beauty of nature and its species, you'd too be transformed as I've been, to like - better still love - them enough not to harm them.


Tanya Stoli

My name is Tanya, and I'm a freelance photographer based in New York. I see this world through a matrix of textures, shapes, and colors and every picture I take is an attempt to capture that ephemeral beauty.

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Alyssa Meadows


My most recent project, Every Woman I Know, is a series of portraits depicting every woman I personally know who has been a victim of sexual violence. Everyone who participates is photographed anonymously, and those who elect to have a public portrait done are photographed both ways. This further emphasizes that despite the safety of many voices and the movement of #MeToo, many women still do not feel comfortable coming forward publicly, and this is visibly represented by how many women only participate anonymously. In these exceedingly hostile times, the voices of women need to be echoed more than ever, and our stories need to be heard. By standing together, we can change the perception that this is not a serious or frequent issue and bring attention to how necessary a shift is in our society's values regarding women and our place in it.


Marcia Lloyd


I have been photographing a mother, Gwenda, and her two teenage daughters for four years--2011, 2012, 2014, and 2016--once a year, beginning when Rachel, the older sister, was 19 and Natalie, the younger one, was 11 (by 2014, Rachel was no longer a teenager).

I wanted to explore the complex developmental challenges facing all of them at this time: redefining their relationship and reinventing their individual identities as well as the accompanying sense of alienation. The primary questions for Rachel and Natalie are "Who am I apart from my mother, in my new identity as a woman? Where do I belong?" Gwenda is faced with similar questions: "Who am I apart from my children? Who will I be when the nest is empty? With my daughters in their prime and me in in middle age, who am I as a woman?"


Keith Barraclough


Personality portraits of kids for The Redhead Project by New York Portrait photographer Keith Barraclough. 

The Redhead Project is an ongoing series of portraits of natural redheads.  Each photo shoot is a collaborative process resulting in portraits that reflect the subject's personality and style.